Hey guys, been minutes.. but I hope everyone is doing as okay as can be.

I’ve been up to my neck in work as I was on my internship, but I’m really glad I’m done with that for now. I can now focus more on myself and my blog.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this free. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Working under someone else’s schedule is actually super stressful, but I’m glad I’m somewhat done with that for now.

Now today, I’m gonna be writing about Religion.

I know this is a very testy and touchy subject for most people so, I won’t even go deep. I’ll try not to probe because the truth is, Religion is that one topic most people can never be open minded about. There are unseen forces that hold us back from asking questions because “we’re not supposed to ask them”.

Anyway, I won’t be asking those questions people, keep your minds at rest. But I’m still going to talk about some things.

First, stop shoving your religion down other people’s throats. Like I mean, I get it, you believe in whatever you want to believe in and that’s alright. But it doesn’t mean you should shove it down everyone else’s throat.

You see, different folks have their different religions and it is quite irritating when someone is trying so hard to convince another why he/she should abandon his religion and join his/hers(the first someone). It’s rude, very rude and if you do that, really stop!

Also, people should really stop using the concept of hell fire to convert people or convince people to do good or be good. For real, that shit is messed up. Like let me analyze something with you all..

There are so many religions yeah? And in each religion, an unbeliever goes to hell or an equally awful place(I think. At least, this is so in most). But you forget that there are so many religions so, everyone is obviously going to hell in someone else’s religion. News flash all, we are all going to hell somewhere. (I hope you can see how loony this is?). Hence, using hell as a leverage to convince is just a major no no.

Oh and again, don’t judge people based on your religious dos and don’t. That your parish doesn’t support dreads doesn’t mean that the neighbor boy down the road on dreads is going to hell.

No. Don’t do that. Nobody likes to be judged because a specific group of people doesn’t like the way they act or behave or the things they do. We are all humans. You need to learn to adapt.

That someone doesn’t do something your religion demands doesn’t mean that person is the worst scum of the earth. (Y’dig?).

Well, I’m not gonna go further than this(for now, unless you guys want some more). But I hope we can all put our differences aside and try these little tips to better enhance peace and harmony.

I mean, that we aren’t of the same religion doesn’t mean we can’t be best of buds right? Doesn’t mean I’ll for sure go to hell(winks)?

Let’s all try to be better people for ourselves.



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