Before I start anything on this post, I’m going to put up a little disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against any social media, I am indifferent to them all and they all have their own purposes.

That being said, let’s roll.

I don’t think I need to explain what social media is as I’m sure we are all very conversant with it.

But lately, it seems like everything is just spiraling out of control; like the cons are greater than the pros.

Okay, social media are quite useful. They can be used to advertise your business, some of them actually offer business opportunities, you can meet new people and even link up with your old friends. You can share information and get the latest news on some social platform and that’s quite useful.

But for real, it’s causing a lot of problems.

First of all, celebrities are on there also and these days, people feel that celebrities are gods. It’s like most humans have forgotten that these celebrities are also humans that just appear on TV. They also have their struggles, their fears, their doubts.

Most people try to copy everything these celebrities do, wear the clothes and jewelry they own and when they can’t afford it, they sulk or result to other means of getting it.

The Social media today is a ground for unnecessary competition. It’s like everyone is trying to outdo everyone else. I have seen people dress up, go to their friend’s to pose with that friend’s car just to put it on the gram.

It’s like there’s this subconscious desire to meet up(remember that these standards were set by fellow humans), to be the flashiest, the craziest, the most savage, the most beautiful.

People are so caught up in this unnecessary competition, they forget to actually live in the moment and have fun. Capture real moments as memories.

Okay, I know this girl that lives for the gram. She’s always there stalking people,knowing who has the newest cellphone, the newest cars, the latest outfit…and then when she sees it, she gets sad!

She actually gets so depressed that she doesn’t have all those things, she starts hating everything she has and feeling entitled to more.

It’s like a vicious cycle these days. Okay check this, someone single goes online and then probably sees one of his/her friend’s caption “I love my bae, so grateful I have you“, followed by some mushy pictures and BOOM, the sadness sets in. The comparison sets in, then that someone starts feeling depressed and asking “when will it be my turn?” “Why can’t I have a boyfriend as rich as hers?” “Why can’t I have a girlfriend as pretty as his?”

Then, they miss out on real life. They miss out on the present.

Funniest thing is that, some people scroll down other people’s media, jealous and angry at the other person’s “success”, but they’re so virtually obsessed, they keep scrolling still.

People have forgotten that, YOU CAN TURN OFF YOUR DATA. You can put your phone down and decide to NOT see what someone else is having for lunch if you know that it’s gonna get you all riled up. You can choose to not go online if it’d just make you pissed in the end.

Like I typed earlier, social media actually have it’s uses and I can swear that the builders of some of them just had fun in mind.

I want people out there to know that there is a life outside all the social media. Trees are still growing, the sun is still shining. Most of the things you see online are just beautiful facades. Nobody wants to air their problems, nobody wants to talk about their fears and depression, nobody wants to seem broke or uncool.

It is just a virtual reality where you can be anything you want to be.

That girl that has 15k followers and gets over 5k likes for every photo she posts might be very depressed in real life and might not even have any friends. But would you know? No.

Instead of you going online to compare your life with that of others, you could just be contented with what you have, find inner peace and go online to look for funnier memes

Memes are life.

Try to see the bigger picture, there’s more to life than what you see on the internet.




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