So, this post has been a long time coming. It’s a demanded post for some reason. A couple of people have messaged me to make a post on this and I finally decided to do one today.

I’m really sorry I’ve not been on here guys, but what with work and all that, I’ve been super stressed out and busy, but that’s NO excuse.

Anyway, this is a little shall I say, cheat on how to smoke healthy or as healthy as can be anyway, lol. Because I can totally see the sneer on people’s faces right now and hear their “how can smoking be healthy?” and their “is she crazy or something?”.

But trust me, there are life hacks to everything.

Now, as I deal basically only with weed, I really can’t say much for tobacco, cigarettes or any other smokable substances. I’m talking strictly weed here, because that’s what I’m familiar with.

1. Always stay hydrated

When you smoke weed, you notice that along the line, you get super dehydrated. Sometimes, you even feel your lips get sooooo dry and start to crack and your throat feels dry too. It helps to take a lot of liquid while smoking, especially water.

Take loads of fluids to replace the ones that are leaving your body.

2. Use a Bong or a Vape

I know this isn’t the norm for most people, but it’s actually relatively healthier smoking with a bong or a vape pen than rolling paper.

There’s no combustion of paper so, the only thing you’re basically taking into your body is the smoke. Plus these smoke tools have been fashioned for that exact reason so, they’re made with the proper materials that won’t melt or taint your kush.

3. Use a good blunt wrapper

Even if you have all the bongs in the world, you’d come back to the basics once in a while which brings me back to blunt wrappers. Now, blunt rolling papers are thick, brown wrappers that can be made with Indian hemp or tobacco.

I’d opt for the hemp wrappers( I use “Double Platinum” products, they’re amazing).

Blunt wrappers are quite healthy to smoke with because of the way they’re made and the stuffs used to make them. Plus, they’re longer, thicker and moister than regular rolling papers.

4. Use a good joint rolling paper

Now, a joint is not a blunt.

A joint is different from a blunt basically because they require a different type of rolling paper.

People are so much more familiar with a joint, they’re rolled by using what people know as “rizla“. They’re lighter and easier to roll up with than blunt wrappers.

Please, use a rolling paper that is preferably hemp or organic and not just the plain white ones.

I opt for RAW products basically because they’re amazing, they’re easy to roll up with, they’re slow-burners and they’re very smooth going down with no harshness. All RAW products are amazing.

This is RAW Organic.

5. Eat properly

Anyway, you don’t even have a choice when it comes to this. Once you smoke enough, you’ll be overtaken by the munchies. But, do endeavor to feed well.

Feed very well, eat as healthy as you can.

Because the truth is too much kush and not enough food makes you thin. You actually start losing a lot of weight.

6. Keep your gadgets clean

If you smoke with smoking gadgets like bongs and vape pens, do ensure that you keep your gadgets clean at all times. After a sesh, endeavor to clean out your gadgets because when weed sticks to these gadgets for a long time, it makes the area it’s stuck to kinda brown and it’s super gross and difficult to wash out.

7. Know your dope

This is very important. It is very important to know the strain of kush you’re smoking. I mean, imagine you go for a sesh and you’re just offered an already rolled kush, you shouldn’t just take it like that without knowing what it is you’re taking.

Some folks like to crush pills, mix it up with their kush and roll it up. Some love to lace their kush with lean or other substances so, you really don’t know of what you’re smoking is pure grass. You need to be super sure about what you’re taking into your body.

Well, I hope this post has been super helpful to stoners out there and people that wanna start taking the grass(you can contact me if you have any more questions).

Remember to try not to judge people that smoke if you don’t, because that’s shit.

Stay fly, hydrated and high.




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