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Hey yo. It’s I, your favorite and I’m gonna be dropping a post today on how to kind of get over a break up.

Note, I used “kind of” because you can’t just get over a break up like it’s nothing, especially if the emotions you felt were genuine. Anyone that tells you that the process of getting over a breakup is easy peasy, that person is a lying lizzy(lizard. I called it “Lizzy” so that it’d rhyme, sue me).

Well, breakups suck and they really hurt. They hurt like way more if you still kinda like your partner and the person just calls it quits.

But the truth about breakups is that you will move on, no matter how long it takes. Life goes on. The time still flies, the weather still changes, the sun still rises and sets. Everything basically remain the same so, it’s left to you to restore value and joy to your life.

According to researches done, it is said that the horrid feeling of breakups actually last for like just 2 weeks. The rest of it is all in the mind, the memories and maybe the heart. But let’s just ignore this…

It’s easy for some people to move on but it’s extremely difficult for some others. Some people feel the compulsion to hold on to things, hold onto past memories and convince themselves that a miracle will probably happen…this is the first mistake.

The moment you’ve called it quits with someone or someone calls it quits with you, it’s time to get your life back in order, set everything back in motion. You can’t keep holding on to memories and thoughts of “what might or might not” be…

So here are a few helpful tips to get you back on track after a breakup, especially a tough ass break up. I’m not saying that these tips work like magic, but trust me, this is one bad decision that will actually help you. At least, it’d help ease that band of unease and hurt that is tightened very strongly against your heart.

1. Breathe, it’s gonna be fine

You just have to breathe and keep breathing. Once there’s life in you, there’s hope for better days ahead.

2. Don’t stalk your ex

Yeah, don’t go on your ex’s social media wanting to know how he/she is doing. Don’t go on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… no.

The social media is a virtual world where everyone seems so perfect and happy, regardless of what is really going on in their lives. You going to your ex’s page and seeing that she just got a new phone or a new dress or seeing that he went on a road trip with a couple of friends might just make you feel so much shittier because hey, why have they moved on so fast while you’re still crying yourself to sleep?

3. Don’t beg

After a breakup, don’t call your ex back up to consider and beg him/her to take you back.

For someone to go as far as breaking up with you, that decision has been made a while back. Even if it seems impulsive, for it to be that fast to come out, it had been thought about in your subconscious.

4. Be Normal

In as much as you just went through a breakup doesn’t mean that you should look or act it. Don’t go moping around, looking haggard and lost. Try to be normal, at least as normal as you can be. Go about your daily activities, don’t mope.

5. Think Positively and Find Happiness

It helps to really think positive. Think about all the amazing qualities you possess, the good, true friends that care about you. Think about all the good vibes you’ve had and imagine better vibes.

Remember, that one person doesn’t love you does not mean that the remaining 6.99999billion people don’t.

Do the things that usually make you happy. If you love taking long walks, take looooong walks and just relish in that moment. Just grow more in tune with your happy place.

6. It’s okay to cry and scream

Crying doesn’t make you weak or stupid, contrary what you may think or believe. Crying over an asshole or a jerk doesn’t mean that you’re weak, it’s just one of those emotions you really can’t help because you’re so hurt. It is okay to cry, really.

Hell, crying even helps in a way. Don’t try to bury your grief or sorrows, let them out.

The faster you let them out, the better for you. Cry, scream, yell and wipe your eyes when you’re done. You’d feel so much better and your thoughts would be in a better order.

7. Talk to a good friend

Good friends are the best gifts anyone can ever wish for in this world. There’s nothing as comforting as having a friend that is always there for you, no matter what it is. A friend that stands by you and gives you a shoulder to cry upon.

It is super helpful if you have one of these. Talk to your friend that really cares about and just get it off your chest. Cry in his/her shoulders and accept a nice hug.

8. EAT!!

This is the last one I’m gonna be writing.. EATT!!!

Always remember to eat. Even if you don’t have an appetite, force yourself to eat something, even if it’s in little quantities.

I discovered that when some people are going through very tough periods like breakups, it’s like their appetite automatically disappear and this is not good.

You’d lose weight and look so sickly while the person you’re probably killing your self over is having the time of his/her life. Your health is so important and nothing should cause you to neglect it.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Remember, you’re amazing and you’re literally special because amongst the 7billion people on this earth, there’s only one you, even if you’re an identical twin.

Hit me up on my gmail incase you need more tips or someone to talk to

Do enjoy.



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