I should be flogged.

Lol, I should totally be beaten for keeping my readers waiting this long for something new.

I know people have been like:

What the hell is wrong with Baddecisions?”

Well, nothing really is up with me, but a LOT is up with me( don’t try to understand me, I can’t understand me either).

Anyway, I’ve been in so many places, I’ve been so so and so so. I’ve been urgh.

I don’t know the right verb to describe what I’ve been. So, let’s just let that slide while I use this post to seduce or bribe a forgiveness out of my amazing readers.

I’ve been trying to focus on my photography and abstract writings, I’ll be uploading some of them some time this week.

But wait, why wait?(Lol, that just sounds so crazy).

I’ll upload one of them now, but before I do so, I’ll give you the gist on how it came to be made.

I was taking a walk one morning back to my place and I saw this tree. It wasn’t spectacular or anything, but I just instinctively felt that I should take a picture of it. I really don’t know why I felt the need to capture the tree as I’d passed it everyday for like almost a year and never really took any notice of it.

Anyway, I took the tree and touched it up with some edits and it turned out quite good. But that wasn’t all, I did a little abstract on it and that’s what I’m gonna share that right about…now.

The tree before the magic touch of Vargaa.
After the magic touch of your almost-favorite-and-trippy-blogger.

Kinda impressive huh?

Well, here’s the little piece I did about this little big tree.

I really should take more pictures and upload them on here for my photography lovers. I really, really should.

I’ll be uploading subsequent write ups as time goes on.

Remember to always drink a lot of water and stay tuned to this trippy blog.



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