I’m super duper excited. Okay so, I went online this morning and I saw something that really melted me.

Let me recount the gist for you guys (it’s not an elaborate gist or a gossip. Calm your nads , you like stories).

So, I went online early this morning and I saw a message from a friend of mine on my contact list, he said he had a surprise for me.

I was quite shook because my birthday is like far gone and it’s not Christmas yet and I couldn’t recall asking for anything or anything at all to do with a surprise or any discussion remotely relating to surprises or gifts or any damn thing.

A couple of minutes later, he sent me a video and it was an advertisement, MY ADVERTISEMENT!

This guy made an ad for me, legit. He’s a video editor, a photographer, a graphic illustrator and a model with quite a busy schedule, but still he took out the time to make an awesome video for my work.

As you all know, I’m a writer.

I don’t only run a blog, I’m also a freelancer. I’m a creative writer who does proofreading and editing too.

Is it your captions? Stories? Abstracts? Creative articles? Poetry? You say it, I got it.

Anyway, he actually made an advertisement for me and here it is:

Like isn’t it awesome? I didn’t even ask, I didn’t even know.

If you do like the video and need jobs done for you, you can contact him. He’s really good at what he does.

Now that you know what I can do, you can hit me up for any creative writing/proofreading and editing jobs.

Also, you can contact Yomi Visuals for your amazing editing and designs.

Remember to patronize your soon-to-be-if-not-already-favorite-blogger today.



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