This is a major rant!

Why wasn’t I handed a manual or something on adulthood?

Like, I knew that I eventually was gonna become an adult, but I didn’t foresee this level of difficulty.

Being an adult is really tasking.

It’s tasking emotionally, financially, socially and mentally.

Who knew growing up came with so much baggage and responsibilities?

As a child, the major concern was to go out and play or to get good grades or get new clothes and all the trivial shit but growing up…everything is a major concern.

Everything requires the utmost care and attention because if you don’t do it yourself most times, who’s gonna do it for you?

Growing up, complications like paying bills, relationship drama, getting a good job, weight problems, skin care, friendship and everything just basically becomes a struggle. Even holding a conversation is a struggle sometimes.

Everything is just a struggle, gosh, I wanna freak out so badly.

It sucks WAAAAYYYY worse when you’re broke. That’s like the height of it all.

It really sucks to be an adult, it really sucks to grow up. But one thing we shouldn’t forget is that growing up is part of life and how we handle it is what the sets each and every one of us apart.

Growing up has its fun parts obviously and even if it didn’t, what can anyone do about it? You can’t NOT grow.

The privacy aspect and the “getting away with some things because you’re above 18 or 21” are obviously chillest things about being an adult, I mean, it’s what most kids actually look forward to the most. So, yaaayyy to them.

Being the matured one is really tasking (back to my rant). Sometimes, I wanna just throw tantrums or just yell and scream but I can’t because…you know.

Like why can’t I have my body and life as an adult, but have shit going well and good for me as I did when I was a child???

Urgh. I hope most people can totally relate to this.



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