Hey all.

Quick post…

I just finished reading a novel, and I decided I actually should make a quick write up on this shit.

Look, girls(boys too), after a break up, you’re vulnerable…

That’s something you should know. You’re vulnerable and fragile probably because you’re still hurt and you’re still a bit stunned. At that moment, you crave a sort of vibe that’d really make you feel like everything will truly be alright hence, you’re open to affection. You’re more sensitive to attention and contact.

But one thing you shouldn’t do is have sex with another person just because you want to “erase” the memory of your ex.

Don’t do it. Don’t do that shit because the moment he nuts, you might regret it and might probably end up hating the guy. Hating him for being available, hating him for satisfying your burning bush… and the guy(or girl) might feel used.

Like “yo, you just used me for rebound? You don’t even really give a shit about me? You just wanted to forget him(or her)?”

And then it’s a whole new process of destroyed friendship or awkwardness or something else.

After a breakup, make out a little time to discover yourself. Discover the next step, how to rearrange your life, prioritize your time and handle your emotions better.

Even if you do want to get laid, make sure you do it because your genitalia is aching and throbbing for it. Make sure it’s what you really want in this universe and three other alternate universes so that your ass won’t end up regretting it and feeling shittier.

Don’t make a bad decisions unless it has something to do with this blog, remember



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