Ayye everyone.

Heavens, I’ve been so lazy these past few days. It’s like I just shut myself away from the world to bask in laziness, so terrible.

Anyway, this post is a story time post of the first time I got high on a mountain. Oh lawd, imagine the cruise…

So high on a super high place. I was like the not-so-royal highness.

So, it goes like this…

One time, I was quite bored and I was done with my work for the day. I didn’t feel like sleeping or seeing a movie or anything, I just didn’t feel any of those. You ever have those moments where you’re kind of restless and there’s really nothing you can do about it because every option sounds so boring and all?

Yeah, I was having that kind of day.

So, I check my cell phone and boom, I see a text from a chilled buddy of mine asking me to come over and get lit..

(Chai!! Can you look at God?)

Anyway, he picked me up halfway and in his car, he told me that we should go to this special mountain to get baked. He said that it has an amazing view. It sounded like a solid plan so, I was game.

Me being a lazy chum, I got tired after like 3 minutes of climbing and my poor friend had to pull me through the rest of the journey, hahaha.

Well, we finally got to the top and believe you me, it was breathtaking. I could see the city from there, I could see green pastures and everything just felt so peaceful and calm.

Then, he brought out his stash and proceeded to roll up. I asked what strain of dope that was and he said it was “LOUD”. I always wanted to trip on loud so, it was like everything was just working in a good way.

He rolled up a J and passed it to me. I graciously accepted it and lit it up.

I took a few drags and I really couldn’t feel anything, I wanted to ask what sorts ineffective kush he gave me then…. it HIT ME.


It’s like I went from 0 to cloud 9 in a matter of minutes. That kush is something else, mahn.

I took some more because I was enjoying the feeling then I got really, really high. I swear, I was higher than the mountain I was sitting atop.

I felt so free, so light and just so relaxed. Everything smelled better, leaves looked greener and the sky just looked so blue-grey and nice.

My friend was laughing his nutsacks off because he could see how faded I was. I was so slow and excited, I felt really good.

We talked and vibed and joked…then it was time to leave, that was when my nightmare began. The journey to the bottom of the mountain was one of the most intense and scariest feeling I had ever experienced at that point.

I felt like I was gonna fall down and just roll to my death. It was kinda dark, like past 7pm and everything was so still. The little shrubs and trees seemed so big and scary and I just kept imagining gruesome things like the boogeyman or a weird long ass snake or a witch and a lot of other paranoid shit.

I was so high, like super high and walking down a mountain when you’re tripping badly on some high grade dope is actually scary. It was even scarier because I wasn’t a like stoner then.

Like I used to smoke occasionally, but I couldn’t say I was a stoner at that point.

I’m just so glad my friend was super chill and understanding. He kept calming me down and muttering encouraging words. He held my hands all through as I refused to be carried.

We probably spent like 15 minutes coming down the mountain, but it felt like 40 years to me. It was insane.

Then, when I finally got to the bottom, I was so glad, I almost bent down to kiss the ground(but I didn’t because someone was there, haha).

We got into his car and on our way back to drop me off, my friend kept laughing at me and mimicking my fright.It was all good until we had the munchies.

I was so hungry, I felt my insides shrinking. We got a couple of sodas and some snacks, food had never seemed more appealing(and the snacks weren’t even all that nice, but most things taste divine when you’re high).

Mahn, it was a good day actually.

The highness lasted for a long while and I savored every minute of it when I got back to my place. I listened to good music, that was the day I got REALLY hooked on Travis Scott. I could remember playing “Hot Sauce” ft PartyNextDoor over and over and over again.

I even doodled a little, I took a long peaceful music-filled walk. It was a good night.

Haha. That’s all for my first mountain sesh, I’ve had a couple more and they were great.

It’s fun getting high in some odd locations, they make the high thrilling. You know, mad ting.

Hope y’all’s enjoyed this little piece.

Well, peace.



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