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Omg, I am so ashamed of myself..

Urgh, I abandoned this blog like it’s nobody’s business and that’s a terrible thing. I’m gonna make it up to you guys, I promise, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I’m gonna do something.

Definitely gonna make it up to you guys. I’m just so sorry, life has been happening so fast. Still, that’s terrible. I’m terrible, lol.

Okay so, I noticed that there are some things girls just seem to notice and love in guys and no, I don’t mean how handsome they are or the size of their tools(shame on you if you thought this).

I mean some…should I say odd things? Or should I say subconscious things? Just some other thing asides from their looks or their rad outfits or their big big…;)

These are like 5 things about guys that trip girls:


Yes, this is actually true.

Most girls notice the hands and feet of guys especially when they feel an instant attraction towards them. It’s really nice when you see a guy with neat fingernails and toenails ..

You know guys usually have big feet and hands so, it’s so nice to just see his big, neat feet. And who wouldn’t love a guy with neat, long tapered fingers? Fingers you can nibble on, yum yum.


Most guys have this thing where when they wake up in the morning, their voices sound all deep and husky.

That shit drives girls crazy sometimes especially when you know the body at the other end of the phone is almost as yummy as the voice. Most, if not all the girls I talked to pointed out this trait.

So hawt.


Guys actually look really adorable when they wear socks when they’re just chilling at home or at night when they wanna go to bed.

I know it sounds really weird, but seeing a guy in sweatpants and socks just makes him look a blend between adorable and masculine. It’s even cuter when the weather is chilly.


It’s stereotyped that ladies are the soft, touchy ones that love to cuddle and hug and snuggle and all of those “mushy” things.

So, it’s really a treat when the guy initiates the cuddle or asks to be petted.

I talked to this girl, she’s like 5’6 and her guy is like 6’2 or 6’3, something there about. She said it always gives her a rush when he just casually calls her up to come over and cuddle with him because he’s cold.. I mean, other things would go down but they’d cuddle and chill first.

That’s just cute. Guys are teddy bears and they love to pretend like they don’t like all these things.


You know this moment when something happens and a guy melts a bit and immediately tries to cover it up by being extra macho? Ladies find that cute and like it a lot.

Like when you say something really sweet to your man or when you do something nice or complement him and you can see he’s happy and it actually got to him, you can see him blush a bit then, try to cover it up by being a “man”.. that’s just cute, honestly.

Guys, do you hear me? That is cute. You look cuter to your girl when you do that, don’t think for a second we’re fooled because we aren’t. *winks*

Well, all these things are just adorable and it’s funny how they don’t even know this. Anyway, stay tuned.

Lol, did I just use ‘stay tuned’? Who am I? Every TV show?

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