One thing I’ve come to realize as a person is that life is uncertain.

The uncertainty of life actually makes it so scary, if we actually think about it because we don’t really know what can happen the next minute.

We wake up each morning and make plans for the day, we plan to do some work, see a friend or maybe a movie.. Everything is mapped out. Some of us even go as far as making plans for the entire month or year, but we forget that this life is uncertain.

Real life is so dynamic. Nothing is above change, there’s nothing that can’t happen in this world.

So my point? Why this you ask?

Well, this is leading to an answer to a question a lady asked me.

The lady in question is a friend who’s been going through a phase, a dark phase of depression where she’s not sure of anything anymore.

The societal norms, stereotypes, haves and have-nots, dos and don’ts are really messing with her head and they’ve been for a while.

What to wear, how to act, how to speak, what to do, how to feel, what to like, what to listen to, who to support, who to beef…

So one time she was having a really terrible day and she hits me up, crying. . . She said that she’s tired and she doesn’t know what to do, that she feels trapped and doesn’t know how to come out of her bad state. Said she feels she’s doing everything wrong, dressing wrong, eating wrong and jsut basically doing everything wrong just because a certain group of people frequently mock her and belittle her.

So, she asked me what to do and all I told her was a word ; LIVE.

I told her all she need do is live.

Life is too short and unsure to waste time caring about what people think of the way you do your things.

You might plan to go to the mall tomorrow with your friends and boom, something comes up and you have to travel immediately or boom, the mall gets invaded by aliens from Neptune…

Anything can happen so, every moment we live, we should live for ourselves.

Do your thing, have your style, have your tastes and your preferences. Those who’d like you will like you and those that won’t like will not like you. You can’t live life just so a specific group of persons would like you or so that the Internet will approve of you.

Be yourself.

There’s nothing as easy and comfortable as being yourself because yourself is the best thing you can be. That’s what makes you unique. You can’t beat me at being me and I can’t beat you at being you so, why don’t we just be the best version we can be of ourselves?

Being yourself is so easy because you’re already your own default mode.

For everyone out there going through this phase or something close to this, always remember:

-You’re the original version of you and that’s the best you can be, because that’s something nobody can take away from you.

– Not everyone is supposed to like you. Be yourself and you’d attract those that truly care about you. (Isn’t it better having friends with the same type of madness?)

Live. You have just this one life, live it and live it for yourself and not to please someone else.

– You are unique and if you feel you’re lacking in an aspect, you can better yourself in that aspect.

If someone doesn’t like you or mocks you because you’re not like them, flash your middle finger to their face with your new found confidence and waltz past with that person that does like you because you’re bad like that. 😉

…because you’re a boss ass bih and you’re absolutely yourself.

Enjoy and stay hydrated.


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