Hey people..

It’s been more than 10 decades since I posted something here. But yayy, I’m not extinct yet, I’m still here.

Still blank faced and as kookoo as ever.

Anyway, GOOD NEWS!

I’m doing this thing now called “SPECIAL REQUEST POSTS”.

What is that you ask, right?

Okay so, sometimes, some of you out there might want me to post something on a specific subject or an issue, like you wanna get my views and opinions on something..

Or maybe you want to advertise any of your products or new brands(which I’d do a little writeup for) or pass an information across, you can just send me a message on my email baddecisions.lyf@gmail.com and for a very affordable fee, this adorabe girl here is gonna do it for you. *winks*

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

You can get to pick my brain in stuffs or you can get me to share your story out here. It’s really fun and trust me, you’re gonna be 100% anonymous unless you want your information out. This is a great way to connect with people.

I should activate the vlog section of this blog pretty soon. It’d be super chill to make an actual rant video where I go crazy and maybe scream my lungs off or howl in laughter. As soon as I get a phone with an awesome camera because I can’t be outchea looking like a bloated potato, mammi gotta look okay for the camera.

*wink wink*


Gmail address: baddecisions.lyf@gmail.com



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