Okay, it’s a few minutes past 3am right now here and I’m not feeling sleepy at all because I woke up an hour ago to pee, and then, I’m a nocturnal being.

I just rolled up one and my mind is just traveling to different places and thinking up different sceneries. And I thought I should just like post something about my thoughts because as usual, why should I not?

My thoughts right now are centered around the “Whys” of life.

Okay, get this. I know 3 couples that broke up this week and it’s crazy.

I’m like ‘why though?’.

The basic problem they all had(from what I gathered) was lack of Communication.

Listen to me, all my folks out there involved in a romantic relationships, you are not obliged to stay in an unhealthy relationship and you’re not obliged to take shit from anyone.

Communication is the most important thing in any relationship because, check this…

Imagine you’ve just moved into this new place and you have a roommate whom you’ve really not gotten so acquainted with so, you guys are still basically ‘poilte strangers’ to each other.

So, you decide to make something to eat one day and opt for egusi soup. What then do you do? You make for two; you and your roommate. Only for your roommate to come back and boom, he/she doesn’t eat egusi soup for anything in this world.

Then, you get kind of pissed because of the resources and cash you spent. But the first thing that happens is that you chastise yourself for assuming that he/she takes the soup.

Why assume when you could have just asked if he/she likes egusi? You get this? (*adjusts glasses on nose*)

That’s kind of how it is in relationships are. You have to communicate, it is a MUST.

You have to know the patterns, characters, likes and dislikes of your SO(significant other) or anyone you’re in any type of relationship with but let’s focus more on the romantic relationships . And how would you know if you don’t ask?

How will the relationship grow if you guys don’t communicate?(I might just do an entire post on relationships)

Think about this.

(I’m still up and I’m munching on junk food. Gosh, this is so unhealthy at this ungodly hour of the day and worse still, I’m damaging my hip line some more).

Another thing on my mind is elephants. Those creatures are massive as hell and my imagination is messing with me right now because, I’m seriously wondering how an ‘Elephant Dance off’ would be.

Like, imagine elephants having a serious dancing competition right now where they have to jump, perform stunts, twerk and what have you… That’s just gonna be hella funny and a bit creepy.

I’m not a crazy person. That is just my thoughts, okay? Let’s not pretend like we don’t think about the craziest shits sometimes.

Back to the ‘Whys‘..

Why do we do the things we do?

Why do people cheat? Why do people die? Why do people lie? Why can our tummies never be satisfied? Why do people hurt the people they claim to care about? Why am I awake? Why are we here? What is our purpose in this world? Why were we made?

So many thoughts, I should probably go back to sleep.

I just had to post these thoughts because I’m sure everyone would relate in their own way.



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