Okay, I was going through my Playlist very early this morning and I felt in the mood for some Wale as the weather was so chill and I was just wavy and relaxed. I didn’t wanna listen to the EP he dropped this year which was fire by the way so, I decided to listen to “The Album About Nothing” and I died all over again as its been a while since I jammed the album. I just realized how solid that album was and how underrated that nigga is.

That got me thinking. We have a lot of pretty solid rappers out there that are seriously underrated, like seriously underrated and it sucks balls. It sucks to see such pure talents go unnoticed, it’s really sad.

So, I decided to share a few of my ‘SERIOUSLY Underrated Rappers

1. JESSE JAGZ(Jesse Garba Abaga)

I have a soul thing with this nigga, I swear. Jesse Jagz is one nigga I’d really give a lot to have a sesh with. It kills me how underrated he is.

Jesse Jagz has it all. The flows, the rhythm, the lyrics, the punchlines, the spontaneity… you name it. He is a MASTER finesser because he can make anything work, any sound work.

For heaven’s sake, he used a clip from the movie “Scarface” in one of his songs, Sunrise. A clip where Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) was talking on the phone about a successful deal.

I mean, with Jesse, you dont know what to expect. One minute it’s fuji, the next it’s reggae, the next, hardcore hip hop. Jesse Jagz can do any damn thing and make it sound like hood angels are whispering to your soul. He is a rasta at heart and I really love that.

His new album ODYSSEUS is a blessing. It’s more than just an album, it’s a blessing. That album was just too real and raw(Ghetto Youth is my favourite track). It’s mind blowing really, boom!

2. M.I(Jude Abaga)

M.I is hands down one of the best rappers in Africa. He literally is the Mr Inctedible(these Abaga boys are not here to play with nobody, their parents must be hella proud).

M.I’s strongest features are his amazing punchlines. He is the king of kings of punchlines, like expect every single song of his to burst your head because he comes into the game fully loaded. I really respect the dude.

If his new album “Rendezvous” doesn’t win awards, I swear I’m gonna be freaking pissed because that piece was a masterpiece(I’m badass). Every single song on that album messed with my brain, MI is simply AWESOME.

3. WALE(Olubowale Victor Akintimehin)

Need I say more? Wale is too underrated because he’s just too good. I really didn’t listen to him so much until he dropped the album, The Album About Nothing. That album was the game changer for me.

Wale is really woke. He makes a lot of sense and he has unique concepts but the best thing about him is his voice. He has an amazing and soothing voice, like so chilled.

Wale has always been good. He was featured by Travis Scott on the track “Quintana Pt. 2” sometime in 2014 and he murdered it then, he’s still mudering it now. Wale is ace.

4. DOMO GENESIS(Dominique Marquis Cole)

Ahhh.. Domo G.

I’ve always liked him since forever. He’s one of the Odd Future members and his voice is on another level wavy and it legit touches your soul. Like, this guy’s voice is too chilled to be this ignored. He has mad flows, punchlines and he’s trippy to the core.

Under The Influence” was the album that endeared me to him and I’ve been quite loyal since 2011. Domo G is too wavy to be in the background as he is and did I forget to mention how “don’t give a shit” he is? Haha. Real nigga.

It’s saddening how underrated he is.

5. LUCKI ECKS(Lucki Camel)

This guy is TOO freaking cool. Like, I’m not even tripping or shitting nobody. His voice is like a drug, it will get you high or at least, it’d make you feel relaxed.

And the tunes, beats and instrumentals he uses are out of this world. They’re so weird and odd and obviously amazingly amazing(yes, I typed that).

The first work of his I ever listened to was the album “Son of Sam“. That album is everything a good album should be( Double Check is my favourite track).

He’s really chill.

And the last person on my list is no one else but …


Okay, fine fine. I love Travis Scott.

Everybody knows this. I’m not gonna even type much but duh, I had to add him to the list.

Travis is not as hyped as he should be. That’s all I have to say. Every single album, mixtape, feature, video… every single thing Travis touches is a hit.

That’s all I can say, but if you doubt me go listen to album “Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight“.

These are just some artistes I feel are underrated, a few of them. There are still so many of them, but honestly these niggas should be given a chance. Either way, I’ll keep jamming and enjoying the blessings they bring forth in form of good music, you should too.



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