I really don’t know my isues with cartoons, gosh. I’ve always loved them and I always will. It’s like they get me and I feel their messages are passed across so much better(depending on the type of cartoon though) than movies, sometimes.

Cartoons are so interesting and trippy.

They make colours work way more than movies can, and this adds more humor to each character and their situations. The colours and some graphics of some recent cartoons are actually chill. I love the graphics of ‘Boondocks‘ a lot.

Cartoons are also often extremely witty and quite raunchy. You have to be quite exposed to get some references and jokes in cartoons. A cartoon like “American Dad” is an example of a super witty cartoon. Lol, this cartoon is rotten, honestly. But the rot or dirtiness of the cartoon is carefully hidden except if the joke is based on lack of subtlety(one of my best cartoons ever).

Cartoons are funny.

Honestly, they’re just plain funny. They make you laugh so hard. Doubt me? Try watching “Family Guy” and see if you don’t laugh so hard(providing you have a vast sense of humor). Seth MacFarlane is a genius(the producer of Family Guy and American Dad). It’s like, the stupidity is more pronounced, the jokes are more relatable and the graphics contain some extra emphasized imformation most movies can’t contain.

It’s actually crazy, but cartoons are extremely educative too. You get to learn a whole lot of things including stereotypes. Cartoons express and project most harsh realities movies can’t. Most things or scenes that might be too real or too raw in movies are often bearable and more relatable in goofy ways in cartoons. Like, watching the cartoon “Archer” exposed me to a lot of political things and a couple of other things.

Cartoons are actually so much more emotional than people think. They’re so deep. The emotions in some of them can be felt sometimes. “Bojack Horseman“(I think this is my favourite cartoon) captures every angle of human emotions and emphasizes on them individually. There’s depression, insecurity, jealousy, love, betrayal, loneliness… you name it, Bojack Horseman has it. The cartoon is so real, so raw. I know someone that actually stopped watching it, he said it was too real for him.

So, you see, cartoons aren’t only for children. Hell, all the cartoons I used above to cite examples are not suitable for viewers under 18. If you feel bored and wanna exercise your brain but still wanna have fun and chill, you should totally see a cartoon..

They’re AWESOME.



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