Ahh, this a topic after my own heart, Novels.

I’ve always been a sucker for good books. I’d rather read a solid book than see a movie 90% of times because hey, Novels are so much more informative to me and extremely interesting.

My interest in books(novels, novellas, storybooks) go way back. I was that child that would rather read a book sometimes than go out to play (I wonder how I’m the way I am…so unserious, lol).

Anyway, a number of people actually don’t like novels because they feel it’s so boring like,

why do I have to read a bunch of words when I can just watch it on TV or something close?

Well yes, you can watch it on TV but trust me, once you purge the thoughts of ooh, this book is too big, when will I ever finish it and that of it looks so boring, they didn’t even draw any hot chics on the front cover and of course, urgh, the name of this book sounds boring, you will be surprised at how interested you will be especially if you’re dealing with a very good bestseller.

Novels help in so many ways and we don’t even know. I call novels humble because they help us immensely and at the same time, give ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. . See? They’re not even asking for much, so humbling(sighs).

I remember this one time, my mum got me a bunch of novels, around 6 or there about. I was overjoyed with the books so, I started reading them one by one. But amongst the lot, there was one I didn’t really fancy, the front cover looked so boring, gosh. It was a dull mustard yellow book with ZERO picture and a pale design. I didn’t touch the novel, even after reading the other ones.. I just ignored that novel until one night, when I was so bored, I saw the novel laying around and decided to just see what it had to offer…I didn’t sleep until I finished that novel(INTENSITY by Dean Koontz). That novel was EVERYTHING!!! It was so artfully structured, I was awed. That was when I learned to literally never judge a book by the cover. It was crazy.

And it isn’t even one of my top 10 most interesting books.

Recall, I said novels were super helpful? I’ll briefly give three major ways in which they help, like really help.

First, novels help your vocabulary a lot and your sentence structuring. Your subconscious tends to take notes of the way some certain sentences are structured in different novels and patterns are recognized. So, you just tend to know how to structure good sentences and you learn new words all the time.

Also, novels help your imaginative side. Due to the fact that we can’t see the characters physically, our minds tend to form an image of every character and every scene as we read their various descriptions and unique behaviours. This is so helpful because it tends to make one so much more creative and imaginative. Let your imaginations run wild.

Lastly, novels make you smarter. This is so because reading novels, we pick up scraps of information here and there about every possible thing. You get to learn the meaning of some phrases in other languages, you get to know worldwide cuisines, you get to know exotic places, you can even get to know some work ethics. Really, you can learn anything and you don’t know what might be useful. A scrap of information from a good book might be an answer in a game show you’re participating in and boom!, away you walk with 5 million naira.

I absolutely enjoy reading novels, my best author is James Hadley Chase. Most of y’alls might not know him, but there’s a high probability that your mum or dad might because he was a sensation in the 90’s. ALL his novels are gold (I’ve read over 70% of them and he has never disappointed me). He has a way of bringing his characters to life and all the images I used to buttress my points above are excerpts from his books.

Try reading a novel today, trust me, you might enjoy it a lot. And remember, reading novels don’t make you a dork or a nerd and it’s not a “girl thing”.

Pick a book today.



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