Every stoner out there(or almost every stoner) can totally relate to the term munchies. Ahh munchies.

What are munchies?

Munchies are edibles you snack on (basically junk food) after you’ve had a smoke sesh.

Okay, anybody can eat munchies so, why should stoners be able to relate more? This is so because stoners actually get a case of the munchies. This isn’t a big deal or a bad thing, really.

It just happens that after you smoke up(cannabis) or even during the smoke sesh, you get hungry and it’s like the more you smoke, the hungrier you get. And get this, EVERYTHING tastes at least 3 times better when you’re high. It’s like a bag of chips is more than a bag of chips, it’s a bag of pleasure because every taste and flavor is like a new burst of pleasure to your taste buds.

Snacks and junk foods(even regular food) taste so much better when one is high and they are very convenient hence, MUNCHIES.

So, I thought I’d do a short piece on ‘Munchies’. As I do for my pieces, I’m gonna be posting the piece here and I’m also gonna upload a picture of it incase anyone wants to save it to their decices.


The taste of it, so. . . divine.
It explodes in your mouth..
Different tastes, different textures, different feelings.
Different ones for different moments.
Some you lick and suck on.
Some you eat and chew.
Some you slurp on.
Some you crunch on.
Each taste brings a new level of excitement.
Each dip of your hands deep into the box brings forth a new treasure.
A new sensation.
A new awareness.
It’s like your whole body can taste it, can feel it.
It shoots down to the tip of your toes.
You’re gradually filled and filled and filled till you can take no more.
But it’s pleasurable still.
The fastest way to my heart, oh baby mine is not by the words of your mouth.
Nor the wealth of your father.
Nor your own wealth.
Nor expensive jewelries and ornaments.
It’s by the vibrations.
The soul-connection and most of all,
The Munchies.

– Vargaa

Here’s the picture



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