I was walking down the road and saw a little girl, she was so bright and adorable. She got me thinking about the kids I used the babysit in high school.

There was a particular one I liked so much. She was hella bright, like super super super bright(pardon the dramatics, I’m just trying to emphasize how smart this lil girl was). She was really smart and was a surprisingly solid conversationalist for a 7-year old. She could hold an actual interesting conversation.

So one time, I was making lunch and she was with me in the kitchen, when she just randomly asked..

How do you know if a boy has a crush on you?

I almost dropped the pan I was holding because the question was so totally random and out of nowhere yo. It was crazy.

I asked her why she asked though, and she told me she suspected a boy in her class had a massive crush on her because he was always pulling her hair, borrowing her notes, picking on her, talking to her and telling other lil boys to back off(please, remember they were both like 7 and she legit had a big smile on her face as she spoke).

It was so funny to me then(also quite adorable but I couldn’t tell her that).

Remembering that incident makes me think of “CRUSHES“. We’ve all had crushes one time or another in our lives, it might have been on ‘that girl next door’ or ‘the new guy at school’ or your friend’s older brother or your buddy’s sassy bestfriend… it could be anyone really.

A crush is basically when you like someone so much and the person doesn’t know(some might but most times, they don’t). A crush may last for a week or even a day or a month or any period of time really, but a number of crushes are usually short-lived.

Crushes are natural and so crazy because look at you totally liking someone but still acting like ‘you ain’t about that life’.

Crushes seem so unnecessary and childish even sometimes, but we still indulge in them once in a while(some more than others)…

Why is that?

I feel people indulge in crushes because of the thrill. The thrill of not knowing what lays beyond because it’s all in your mind and there’s this little cruise of you asking yourself questions and thinking of possible outcomes. . . Especially if you get the vibe that your crush is crushing on you back. All those eye contacts and funny body languages shit. Haha.

That is why most times, people lose interest or get bored immediately they start talking to their crushes. That thrill of the ‘unknown‘ has been broken and your crush is no longer that unreachable but lovable person anymore(this sucks more when their personality sucks).

But hey, you should say hello to your crush today.. who knows, you might just meet your soul mate and you guys might just have an inexplicable connection, an unbelievable chemistry, a fusion of souls(I’m so dramatic sometimes).

Crushes are fun….until they turn to obsession. Always know when to draw the line(*inserts ominous music*).



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