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I was randomly surfing the net when I read about a girl that got so drunk, she puked in the public toilet filled with all sorts of crap, literally. Gross. And it got me thinking about something that happened a couple years ago, it had nothing to do with a toilet, but the babe involved was full of crap.

So, a couple years back, I used to attend this tutorial course while I chilled for my school to resume. I had a long ass break ahead of me so, I thought it’d be wiser to go to a computer training school where I could just kill time(I’ve forgotten everything I was thought, lol).

For the sake of privacy, I will not be using actual names of the people involved in incident for this post.

Anyways, there was a chic in my class at the time, let’s call her Kate(we were just 10 people in the class for that particular specialization). Kate was an attractive girl, trust me. She was quite pretty with a huge-ass ass (get it?), but she was also EXTREMELY lousy. Her voice was so high pitched, scratchy and nerve grating and boy, could she talk. She used to have loads of stories to tell(some were obvious lies) and she was quite loose with most of the guys around.

Let me give you a picture of the training center. It had a computer training section, a private tutoring section and a summer coaching section. Each room in the center was used for a different area of specialization and had its own tutor. The largest room was a summer coaching camp for youths that were trying to get into the University(it had nothing to do with computers, it was just a regular classroom setting).

Kate was quite friendly with everyone from every section especially the summer coaching section because they were quite a number of people there(above 75 people).

I joined the computer program later than Kate so, when I got to class for the first time, she was already there and had been attending the program for some weeks.

Let me give you a general picture. I didn’t hate Kate, far from that. . But I didn’t like her either. I mean, her voice used to get on my nerves because what the hey? I’m in front of you bitch, why you screaming like I’m 300 miles away? And she was pretty shallow. But I talked to her, I talk to anyone that talks to me. I talked to her and gradually, I started getting used to her. I started getting used to everyone around and in less than 3 weeks, I became super chilled with all the folks in my section(thank heavens we were so few). Kate and I weren’t friends, but we were chill, we talked and shared a few laughs.

Kate was a little attention demanding and anytime we had general recess, she’d go off to other sections to flirt, gist and cause wahala(trouble). She was sort of a wahala person and by the time I’d stayed for about a month, she had quarreled with over 5 boys and some girls. Kate was lousy with words and heavens, she could brag.

She was always bragging about unnecessary things like parties, boys, hair styles and the likes… Always bragging about something with someone and this made the girls in other sections really dislike her.

Anyway, the training center threw a Graduation party(for the folks that had completed their training program) which also doubled as a Christmas party every year and it was almost due for that year. Kate was super excited because she planned to dress to kill and show off as much as she could. I was a bit nervous because I had to give a presentation but she talked about the party a lot, a whole lot. I noticed that she was way too excited and I told her to be careful at the party.

Finally, the day came. It was a major turn up. So many people came for the event and my presentation went very nicely, thank you very much(after I got over the initial nervousness). Kate came a bit late to the venue, she loved entrances.

She wore a white cotton blouse held with a tiny blue belt a little under her breasts and very skin tight blue jeans with peep toe sandals. She styled her hair and took extra care in making herself up.

During the course of the party, I didn’t bother with her, I was on my own grind. But I kept hearing her laughter and I would catch an occasional glimpse of her.

Hours later, I felt someone touch my shoulder and I turned back to see who it was, it happened to be Ifechi(one young guy that worked in the center. A flirt on all levels). He told me to come quickly, that it was an urgent matter. I immediately followed him, wondering what it was as he took me to the back of the building.

Lo and behold, I saw Kate on the floor. She was rolling on the floor, her hands and feet bound together and a little crowd watching her.

She was stark, raving WASTED.

She was so drunk, she didn’t know what she was doing.

Ifechi told me that during the course of the party, she kept flirting with different boys and collecting their cups to take occasional gulps of liquor despite the warnings he gave her and those that Mr Jayjay(our tutor) had given her the previous day because he knew she might get in over her head.

What she didn’t know was that some of the guys there took hard drugs and had already spiked their soda and some, their liquor. Kate just kept moving from place to place taking gulps and feeling like she could handle the liquor and everything else until it hit her.

She got so drunk, she puked on herself 3 times and urinated on herself twice. She was so stanking. The craziest part of it all were the words that spewed out of her mouth. She said some crazy shit..

Fuck me, I’m a virgin.. I want you to fuck me hard… I want to grind on anybody. . Please o.. I want to go to a club and get fucked. I don’t have a boyfriend and I need dick now o…. … – Kate

Those were just a few of the things she said in her drunken stupor. She kept writhing on the floor and begging nobody in particular for sex and saying other crazy shit. She was there for over 3 hours, watched by a matronly woman who occasionally shook her head in disgust.

A number of nasty guys went out to get packs of condoms so as to give her what she was desperately begging for. But they didn’t get the chance to because in the end, Ifechi and I took her home after she had exhausted herself and was passed out. We got a new outfit for her because she was really smelly and dirty.

She played herself terribly. She thought she was tough and could handle everything, despite all the warnings. She thought she was an OG.

It was a crazy day.




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