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Okay, I wasn’t supposed to make this post at all, but I can’t help it. This isn’t even an official post.

I just can’t contain myself, I’m beside myself with excitement. I don madt, swear down(I’ve gone crazy, honestly).

Like, okay.. Get this, I’m not much of a soccer watcher. I used to watch soccer with my dad sometimes while growing up though.. I’m more of a wrestling fan(not even seen that in years, smh). But this match was something else. I was so excited.

My opinion of the match is that they weren’t coordinated initially, during the first half of the match. They were so sloppy but quite energetic(it was so obvious to even me that doesn’t really watch soccer that much). It seemed like they were all being selfish(Nigeria). They didn’t want to pass the ball to each other for some reasons best known to them. It was sloppy, really.

Then something magical happened during the recess and its like they came out new men. Stronger, braver and more energetic.

They were like warriors and when they scored that first goal, EVERYBODY SCREAMED. All my niggas ran mad (I was seeing the game with some of my real niggas). We were so happy, it’s like the entire Nigeria just got all charged up..

Social medias flared up, bars lit up, windows shook, clubs got stock up because of the impending, inevitable turn up. .


Goddamn.. Then the atmosphere of the game changed. Everybody charged up. It was like something possessed every player, including the Iceland guys.

That was when the real match started.

It was tension filled and fun. I don’t regret seeing it one bit. I didn’t know 98% of the players and all the terms and shit, but it was still amazing.

Then when we thought it couldn’t get more exciting, they brought Ighalo in. That guy brought another level of ‘charged to the atmosphere of the game(like we weren’t wowed enough by that amazing, amazing, amazing Musa guy). It was terrific. Everybody’s adrenaline level rose.

They all played super well in the second half, everyone of them including the Iceland players(but Musa though, damn!). It was a solid game really, it contained all the excitement a good game should contain.

I’m really proud of them boys.

Nigerians are badasses, never doubt this.




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