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“Why do guys like bad girls?

If you’ve been following my posts, you’d see that I already made a first part of this post titled “WHY GIRLS LIKE BAD BOYS (part 1)” and I said I was going to do a second part.

Well, this is it, “WHY GUYS LIKE BAD GIRLS”.

Ahhh, bad girls huh? Who are bad girls?

A ‘bad girl’ doesn’t necessarily mean a girl that is terrible or horrid or a girl that does gruesome, despicable things, no.

Like I typed in the first post, the concept of bad is subjective. What I refer to as bad may not be what you refer to as bad. In some societies, a girl with a septum piercing and tattoos is a bad girl, while in some societies, a girl that dresses scantily in clothes that expose sensitive parts of her body is tagged a bad girl. It all depends on your perspective yo.

Bad girls are girls that don’t conform to the societal norms, they are sometimes tagged as rebels. Bad girls come off as extremely confident with a certain daring streak that’s believed not to be often seen in females. Bad girls are often considered to be extremely enlightened and very spontaneous(this happens to be their major charm). They are considered wild sometimes, but they’re wild in a way that boosts their appeal(guys can’t just get enough of them).

So, of course, I had another informal interview with a group of guys on their views on bad girls and I’ve complied their answers as to why they love bad girls(98% of the guys LOVE bad girls, it’s crazy yo). And get this, all the guys said basically the same thing about bad girls and why they’re crazy about the “not-so-take-home-to-momma-because-society” females.

These are the core reasons the guys gave for absolutely loving these bad bihs.


It is often believed that guys are more exposed than ladies because “it’s a man’s world”. Often times, ladies are portrayed to be a bit more timid than guys when it comes to matters involving the streets.

By ‘streets’, I mean the hood; the environment and community in which they live or find themselves in.

So, it’s often believed that guys know more about the scopes and means of survival especially the tricky means that may involve very high level of smartness, experience, wit and expertise. This makes it a whole new exciting experience for guys when a lady turns up on the scene and knows every scope and tricks and it’s even a bit more attractive when they can outwit their way out of situations. It shows that she has a high street OT (orientation).

It’s mad when you meet a babe that can con you before you even think of conning her… before you say Jack, she don say Jill. – a young man I interviewed.


Most bad girls are believed to be independent(bad girls, not ratchet girls). They know how to handle their shit, no matter what it is. Be it their money, their liquor etc. They know how to do things on their own most times and sometimes, guys find it so attractive when their ladies can handle some certain problem by themselves.

There’s nothing like a girl that knows how to handle her shit. Not everytime, “baby, send me airtime”– a guy I interviewed.

It makes guys feel so much more useful and needed when the ladies do ask for their assistance.


It’s no news that bad girls know how to get down. A bad girl can blend into any environment she finds herself in so, guys feel so much more comfortable taking them out. Bad girls are believed to have this streak of wildness that can make them the life of the party sometimes.

It’s like she holds the fun in her hands, no pun intended...-a bloke I interviewed.

This makes it a lot simpler for guys because these girls can represent anywhere. They can hold their liquor at a bar, they can hold their champagne at a ball, they can hold their high at a wake and bake session and they can drop it like it’s hot at a club.


Bad girls are believed to have been around lots of guys, this makes them good at reading the emotions of guys. It’s like they know how to act given certain circumstances, depending on the mood of their guys.

They know when to give him space because sometimes, a man needs to just be a man and have his alone moments. They know when to crowd him, they know the right things to say most times.

They just understand. The only thing I can say is that they dig us on another type of level.. – a guy I talked to(he smiled all through the interview)


This was the top reason given by all the guys I interviewed(guys are just something else, honestly). Most bad girls are believed to be spontaneous and this obviously gives guys something to look forward to in the bedroom. Bad girls are believed to go 100% down and dirty and help guys play out most of their sexual fantasies. You wanna tie hands her to the bed post? Hell, go ahead.

They are mad in bed, it’s like they know what they want and they go for it and at the same time, they give you what you want – a certain fellow I interviewed.

The above reasons were the core replies I got from the guys I interviewed to the big question of why guys like bad girls(very fun informal interview by the way, I laughed so much).

But it’s neither here nor there.

Remember, most of these things are societal stereotypes. There is nothing as good as being yourself. Be yourself and you’d attract the right person for you. You don’t have to be a bad girl or a good girl or a better girl or have any tags. Just be a chill babe with a good heart and good vibes, then see what happens.



4 Replies to “WHY GUYS LIKE BAD GIRLS. (Part 2)”

  1. How bout the bad girls that look so innocent you won’t even know
    Well that’s until you get to know her
    Good post babes


  2. For some reasons I’m stuck going over this post again and again, so that I’ll know how to go for the bad girls when I finally join the bad gang..*smiles


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