So, it’s 2018 and it seems like everyone is cutting everyone else off. It’s crazy.

Everywhere I look, it’s either I see posts about cutting off people this and cutting off people that or posts of how it’s not proper to cut people off. It’s just a big blob of cutoffs.

So as usual, I thought I should do something on CUTOFFS.

Okay, I feel cutoffs are quite healthy if done for a valid reason. There are also some nasty habits too that might need to be cut off but, I’m solely focusing on the human aspect .

It’s actually crazy that some people don’t really know the meaning of cutting off, they just use it anyhow it pleases them because that’s what’s trending. They just have a slight misunderstanding with their friends and next thing, they’re off to social media sites posting about cutting off irrelevant, mean people and then the next day, they’re uploading a selfie of themselves with that same person they were throwing shades at with a caption “babe for life”. Like, I mean…

I’m actually one of the people that made a resolution to cut off some things(including people) from my life. But I didn’t do this because it was trending(I literally didn’t know it was even a thing because haven’t we been doing this since 1899?). I did it because I needed to let them go for my own peace of mind.

Truth is, there are just some people you can’t give chances anymore. There are actually some really terrible people out there that you have to just let go off in order to have a rested mind.

Cutting off someone doesn’t necessarily mean snubbing the person or not talking to the person at all, it’s more of a psychological thing where you’re finally sure that you’re ready to leave/abandon a certain thing that must have at one point meant something to you in a way.

There are some toxic people that you just have to let go of, you just have to push them out of your life. I know we all want to be the mature ones and hold on to certain people that keep screwing up at every opportunity, but trust me, you’re not a bad person for exhausting all the chances you can give.

If you have someone that keeps putting you down or keeps bothering your peace of mind, you need to let that person go if there’s no compromise because you deserve as peaceful a life as you can get in this world. You’re not mean for wanting to be happy(no negative vibes yo).

So, if you really want to cutoff a person, think about it and be sure you know what you’re doing because it’s a permanent thing. It’s not just a trending thing, it’s real life. It’s not that you should go around cutting off people just because they messed up once or anything. Friendships are quite sacred but there’s just so much one can take(know your worth).

Stay positive.



One Reply to “2K18 CUTOFFS.”

  1. Yeah, it’s crazy how peeps cut peeps off(burn bridges). I’ve been there many times. You hit the nail on the head. People want to cut others off, but they can’t move on in their heads/hearts. Self deception.


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