It’s no news that everything feel so much better when you’re high on good weed(marijuana).

Now, a lot of people have discarded stoners as dumb, couch potatoes with no ambitions. But, as usual, that’s just a pathetic stereotype that should really be purged as soon as possible(damn, too many stereotypes in this society).

A stoner according to the English Dictionary is “a habitual user of cannabis”. Which is basically someone that smokes weed on a regular.

Asides from smoking good weed, I don’t think there should be anything linking one stoner to another, that’s why the stereotype still baffles me till today. What you choose to do when you’re high is your own personal decision, not anyone else’s. Your actions and decisions are based on your person, not on another stoner that lives 6000 miles away from you.

But stoners generally are always super chilled when they light up the blunt because, nobody wants to get mad and catch bad trips or attract negative vibes yo. But again, this post is really not about stoners(I should do a more elaborate post about them sometime later). This post is about 5 solid things you can do when you’re high that you would actually enjoy.

So, if you’re a regular stoner or you just started smoking weed and sometimes are at lost as to what to do with yourself after smoking a really stuffed joint/blunt, here are 5 cool things to do that would put you on some good trips.


Ahh, this is my all time favourite. There is nothing like good music in this world whether you’re high or not. But the sensations you feel when listening to music high is on another level entirely. Like, my gosh, you actually feel every beat, melody and tune flow through your veins and explode in your mind. It’s like all your senses come alive and you feel so much at once. You even tend to understand the lyrics of the songs way more and hey, who said you can’t dance?


This may sound weird, but trust me, cartoons are the trippiest things you can watch when you’re faded. Cartoons are multipurpose(for kids and adults) and that’s what people don’t get. Cartoons aren’t just for children(depending on the cartoon though). There are so many nice cartoons out there to watch and most of them come in different seasons. One good cartoon to watch is “Family Guy“. Quality stuff.


When you’re high, you’re very relaxed and you can see things in a clearer perspective(depending on the type of person you are). You can just sit down and get your thoughts in order, no rush.


Exercising when high is a very thrilling experience. Your entire body is in coordination, but somehow, it’s still so relaxed and you get to enjoy the exercise a lot more. It’s even better if it’s a very early morning workout(like going for a jog by 6am or yoga) because the weather would still be very cool. And by exercise, I don’t mean sex, you pervs. Although, sex when high is super amazing because you can feel every single sensation, touch and caress(okay, it might count a bit as exercise.*winks*).


This is literally a mind thing.

When you’re high, your mind is actually very active because you tend to see meanings in everything around you. Your mind travels from one place to another, it leaps from one height to another and you just have so many thoughts. It’s very exciting to explore your mind and maybe day dream a little, you know…go into every recess of your mind, don’t be scared to have vast imaginations. Ask yourself questions, think up good ideas. Who knows, you might just be the one to discover or create something major(like discover a cure for AIDS).

There are so many other things you can do when you’re high. Truth is, you can actually do anything you do when sober when you’re high. It doesn’t change who you are and once you can get rid of the mindset that you will mess up, you won’t mess up.

Enjoy and always remember to stay hydrated.


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