I am a lover of arts and crafts but ironically, I’m majoring in Science. Don’t even ask me why, it was a bad decision I made (I swear, this was an unintended pun). I can’t even imagine how I’m surviving as a science student(no pun intended AGAIN), but oh well, shit happens.

So, I was watching this movie “Frank Miller’s Sin City” and truth be told, I love the movie (it’s actually an old movie). I’m crazy crazy crazy about the damn movie and the major reason for this is because of the video editing used in the movie. The movie was shot in black and white with random burts of colours in some scenes, it was truly very thrilling for me. It’s a movie to kill for (this is actually an inside joke to the movie because the second part of the movie is titled “A Dame to Kill For“).

Then, me being me, I thought I should capture some really nice scenes(I did this sometime last year) and now seems a good a time as any to share it on here with you guys. I really love the pictures I captured from the movies because of the ‘black and white’ base colors and the little bursts of neon-like colours. I love bursts of colours because they are so mesmerizing (hence, my love for psychedelic arts).

Funny thing is me loving bursts of colors is also quite ironic as my favourite color is black (I truly am something).

Here are some of the pictures I captured from the movie (there are 10 of them so, get ready to be wowed 10 times in a row especially if you’re a lover of photography or arts):











And a bonus picture, because I’m awesome…



I hope you guys enjoyed viewing these pictures from my little gallery of “Shots from Movies“. Oh and before I forget to add, none of these pictures are edited. I just captured them from the movie because they were too beautiful to pass up.



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