Okay, I said I was gonna rant on this blog and I’ve been a very good girl for days now. I’ve not ranted, yet.

Well, the good girl spell is over folks, I’m gonna rant now and I feel most of you out there are gonna relate to these rants on a crazy level.

First Rant : it totally irritates me when I’m walking on a narrow road or pathway that can accommodate just one person(two people can’t stand side by side because the person might get hit) and the person walking in front of me is SOOOOOO SLOW. Like I mean, move your freaking legs, I don’t have the whole day here. What the hell is wrong with your damn legs, bruh?

Second Rant: what’s with ladies that say they can’t call their boyfriends until the boyfriends call them first? Like do you get a trophy for being that shallow, sweetie? Do you need help to get your brain activated, honey?

Okay, so, I was talking to this chic one day and she was looking so moody, then I asked her what was up with her, she was like “I’m just missing my boyfriend, we haven’t talked in days”.

I told her to call the nigga up asap and stop moping. Then, she said something that literally weakened the innermost part of my soul(I swear, I weak die). She said and I quote:

May God forbid that. How can I call him? A whole me? I’ll call him so that it will get to his head, abi? No o, not me.

This was me after she said that bullshit.

Like yo what the…? That was a very irritating and shallow way to actually reason(and no, they were not fighting). Like who are you? Who you are is his girlfriend, biatch . If you don’t call him up(him whom you were desperately missing) and someone else does, you’ll start complaining . Call him too, pamper him sometimes too mehn.

Third Rant: Guys should really stop licking their lips consistently while leering at ladies. Once is almost gross enough, for real. Even if you wanna lick your lips, do it in such a way that you’d give her some hot…ideas on how to put that tongue to good use (like for wine tasting blah blah *winkity wink wink*). Not slobbering all over yourselves like sheepdogs.

Fourth Rant: Isn’t it soooo frustrating when after a long day, when you just wanna lay back, relax and eat the amazing meal you broke your back preparing and then just as you’re about to dig in and chill out, the doorbell rings… first, you’re already mad that you have to stand up after getting into such a comfortable position then, you open the door and who do you see?

You see one freaking friend that didn’t even call you beforehand to alert you of his/her visit(it stings even worse when y’alls are not so close). And the friend says that he/she just wanted to “surprise” you. Well surprise bitch, I’m not home. This which you see is a shadow of myself .


This should be alright for now. I hope you guys can seriously relate to these rants. I feel so fulfilled right now. Lol.



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