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This simple yet difficult question has plagued the minds of people for decades(especially guys). This is a super question.

Before I start this post, I wanna say that this is gonna be a 2-part post. We’re gonna have a second part titled “Why boys like bad girls” coming up soon enough.

Alright, people, let’s do this.

So bad boys, huh? *shivers slightly*

Who are bad boys? (By boys, I actually mean grown ass guys, not little boys. It’d be weird to use ‘bad men’. It doesn’t sound as nice as ‘bad boys’ lol).

Now, the concept of ‘bad’ is subjective. I can’t say what a bad boy is because my views might be different from yours.

In some societies, a guy that has tattoos and maybe dreadlocks is considered “bad”. While some societies/people consider guys that take substances(weed, pills…) as “bad”. Some consider naughty and mischievous guys as ‘bad’, there are just so many sides to this.

But ‘bad boys’ are not necessarily bad or anything gruesome and vile, they’re just guys that give off this air of confidence and a twinge of danger(not gonna harm you though). They are confident in the things they do and they don’t really follow the norms and standards set by society. Bad boys do what they want when they want, most times. You never really know what to expect from them(one of their thrills *rolls eyes*).

So, I had a little informal interview with quite a number of ladies and I have successfully been able to compile most of their answers to the question of why girls are absolutely crazy about bad boys and I noticed that 80% of the ladies mentioned very similar things(it was a fun interview sesh for me). The major answers they gave :


It’s no news that bad boys know how to get around town. They are fun to be with because they know quite a number of activities to do and fun places to chill.

They don’t really have to do so much, they’re just simply fun. – a lady I interviewed said.

Bad boys are just simply exciting. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because they have a daredevil streak somewhere in their makeup or something, but whatever the case, the ladies love this.


This statement contradicts itself but it’s still somehow very understandable and hey, the ladies have spoken. It’s no news that bad boys give off this danger vibe. Like you see him and instinctively know he might be no good or is up to no good, but you just can’t help but feel attracted to him in a primal sort of way. I think it’s because there’s a subconscious knowledge that no matter the danger, he’ll always come out of it alright and whenever you feel threatened, you can always count on him for protection.



It is believed that most bad boys must have seen a lot things to shapen them that way. They’ve gone places and they’ve seen life from a lot of angles and perspectives. Most of them have to just be men so, they basically do what they want to do and go where they feel they should be at a particular point in time, regardless of what anyone thinks. This also makes them very adventurous and spontaneous which the ladies want because hey, no boredom.



Ahhhh, the sex. Who can forget the sex? All the ladies I interviewed mentioned this salient point.

Bad boys know how to give it to a woman good. *winky wink wink*.

Bad boys are spontaneous and are the right amount of domineering in a mind-blowing way. They know where to touch and they know how to taste. Most ladies love a man that will take charge in the bed and rock their worlds.. Who better to give you that good ol’ loving than a sexy bad boy that loves you?

They know exactly what a woman wants and how to give it to her perfectly. – another lady I interview said.

Most bad boys are chick-magnets and have been with lots of women(which is a bit sad, lol) so, they have mastered the art of pleasuring and satisfying women.


This point also was given by all the ladies I interviewed. Bad boys are downright, drop-dead sexy.

Some of them are not pretty boys with cute faces as some have rugged looking faces, but they have this thing, this animal magnetism that brings out the hunger in women.

It’s like they ooze testosterones… – a lady with a beautiful a brown bag I interviewed said.

And their sexiness don’t come from their looks alone(not all bad boys are handsome, remember). Their sexiness comes from the self confidence and assurance they always seem to exude in every situation.



Naturally, bad boys are not so emotional or extremely romantic. Some of them find it very difficult to be cute or cheesy because they’re just not wired that way, yo. They always have to be extremely masculine and hard (no pun intended, I promise).

Therefore, it’s quite adorable when they act cute or cheesy.

It’s even more adorable when he blushes. – a bim I interviewed said.



Most ladies feel that getting close to a bad boy and loving him will soften him up and he just might change for them(this is a very wrong mindset). Some ladies feel that bad boys will fall so helplessly in love with them and change their ways in order not to lose them.(This notion should really be banned though)

If he truly loves me, he will stop drinking if he drinks… – another lady said.

Those were the major reasons I got from my interview with several ladies. But of all the ladies I interviewed, a certain one gave me an answer I didn’t expect. Her answer was very similar to the last point above that “they might be changed”.

She said and I quote;

Ladies love bad boys because of their inbred maternal instinct. They feel that the love and affection they show the guy would soften him up and make him change for them.

Her answer was really sensible, I was super impressed.


But in truth, anyone can like anyone regardless of the scocietal stereotypes.

And after reading this post, I don’t want any guy out there to try be a ‘bad boy’, no. Just be yourself and someone awesome will walk right into your life(if you don’t already have that someone, you know what I mean).



8 Replies to “WHY GIRLS LIKE BAD BOYS. (part 1)”

  1. Damn this is so cool but it’s really hard trying to a bad boy like they say nothing these days can keep a man unless it’s a man that really wants to be kept
    But bad boys they really get me off da hook *winks*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True talk! I’ve noticed that you (guys) can’t just become a bad boy. You don’t choose to be a bad boy, it’s like it chooses you. And most times, ladies create bad boys. How? A guy that doesn’t commit suicide after a lot of heartbreaks(lol) ends up becoming a beast, most times though. Cold world!

    Liked by 1 person

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