One thing you should know about me is that I love music. Yes, everybody loves music but trust me, I LOVE music with an intensity that scares me sometimes. I love music so much that my day is incomplete without it. If I’m not in an important gathering, trust me, my ears are plugged in and I’m vibing on something lit. My speakers are always blaring yo. And my music taste is weirdly exotic. I have all possible genres of songs ranging from the early 90’s down to this present year. Anything goes for me with music, I’m a music slut.

But, I have a thing for trap songs. Ahhhh, I love trap songs. I don’t know why, they’re just good on all levels yo. My favourite artiste in the entire world is Travis Scott. That guy’s soul just speaks to mine in an ethereal way (story for another day).

What are trap songs?

I can’t explain this to be honest. Trap songs are hiphop songs. Most of them come out slower than raps, with slower and trippier beats. I tell my friends that “trap is rap that has drugged up on lean” because it’s so slow and hella wavy. Trap songs are so freaking good, gosh, I’m feeling so chill right now (currently listening to “Ye” by Burna Boy).

But, I noticed that a lot of people stereotype trap songs as “dumb” without even listening to them and that’s just plain ignorant.

Trap songs are actually quite emotional. They aren’t all about drugs and sex as people usually think. Take for instance, “First Take” by Travis Scott is one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard in a while because every word in that song sounded so pure and beautiful, like you’d know it was coming from a good place.(lol, say “take ‘First Take‘” really fast).

Trap songs are also pretty smart, they give you solid advice that can help you in life because most of these niggas have actually been through real tough shit so, they are talking from an experienced view. The song “I” by CyHi The Prince ft. Travis Scott is a solid example.

Also, the beats of trap songs are on another level of awesome entirely (one MAJOR reason I love Travis Scott). Their beats transport you to different awesome places mentally especially when you have really good speakers or headsets (and you’re faded as hell).I love all of Travis’ beats because each one is different, creative and crazy. I also really love the beat used in the song “Zombie Walk” by Desiigner ft King Savage amongst a million others.

And I can’t leave out the wordplays and mind-blowing puns they use. What we don’t realise is that all those wordplays actually really help us mentally because they’re like little clues you have to figure out. It’s a subconscious mental exercise I actually enjoy because I always feel so smart when I understand a really twisted punchline (let’s not pretend that we don’t feel smart too *winks*). One song that always trips me and tugs at my mental strings especially when I’m trippy is the song “Slow” by M.I ft Straffiti & BlaqBones.

Give trap a chance to trap your soul today, my hombres. Discover something beautiful today, who knows, you might just be the next new trap sensation(remember to give this lil momma some cred). And if you just don’t like trap songs, don’t discard them as dumb. In fact, don’t say anything at all, just move on.



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