Have you ever just sat down, reflected on things you’ve done and just shake your head in amazement at some dumbass things you did in the past? I do that a lot. I have made a lot of life choices I still question till today, but eeh, I love them.

Okay, this story is about how I almost succeeded in “KIDnapping” my grandma’s baby goat. Do not judge me. It’s not my fault to be honest, the damn goat was too cute and hella little.

Growing up, I always wanted a pet, but my mum just couldn’t stand them.

So, one Christmas, we went over to my grandma’s for the holidays (I was still pretty young, I wasn’t even close to my teenage years). I saw that she got a new animal pen and had some goats in them. One of the goats was pregnant when I got there and gave birth to her kids like 3 days after I arrived.

I really loved the baby goats because they were so cute, tiny and neat and at that stage of my life, I just really loved 4-legged baby animals. To me then, every 4-legged domestic animal was synonymous to a dog and boy, did I love dogs growing up and still do for that matter(I literally bend down to pat almost any cute friendly-looking dog).

Anyway, I spent the most part of holidays feeding the goats and taking care of them as much as I could. I thought if I cared for the goats properly, my mum would have a rethink and allow me to take one back home but how I missed it badly. When I noticed that she wasn’t going to budge, I decided to beg my grandma for one of the goats. She agreed then because she thought that being a child, I would forget about the goats after a while but she was beyond wrong because I pulled a John Cena on those goats, I never gave up on them. I cared for them a lot, but there was a particular one I cared for the most.

The goat was so adorable and small.

It had a white fur with a black patch around one of the eye. I would specially feed it and pet it’s fur.

To cut the story short, I bonded with the goat overtime and decided that I would not leave it behind. The morning we was supposed to go back home came and I was already up by like 5am because I slept quite early the previous night. I went to my grandma’s pen, carried the unsuspecting, sleeping little goat and put it inside my small bag(big enough for it to be comfortable) and left the bag halfway open for air. I then put the bag at the backseat of the car (where I’d sit). The goat was still sleeping peacefully and I was happy.

I was jittery all morning and couldn’t wait to leave. A few hours later, it was time to leave and I was trying to hurry my dad when we all got in to the car with the exception of my mum who was still hugging and kissing everyone goodbye. I was hella impatient because hello, I had a goat in my damn bag and I needed us to get out fast because I thought if we got home and my mum saw the goat, she would have no other choice but to let me keep it.

Suddenly, the goat woke up and gave a little bleat (I had already carried the bag on my lap to avoid risks). My sister turned round to ask if anyone heard anything, but before she could finish the sentence, the goat bleated again and again and again.

Everybody went dead quiet (imagine the awkward tension at this point).

I gave up mehn, got my ass out of the car and told my grandma that I took the goat and was sorry, but I reminded her that she said I could have it at one point in time.


My sister almost choked to death because of how much she was laughing. I was super embarrassed and sad because I was wondering why everyone was laughing at something so serious. I didn’t calm down all through the trip back until we got home and my mum patiently explained why I CANNOT have a goat pet (after promising to whoop my ass if EVER tried that type of stuff again)😂😂

It was pretty crazy yo.


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