So, I wrote an abstract piece a couple of weeks back titled “Erotica” (purge your minds, pervs) and I want to post it on here because hey, why shouldn’t I?

But I decided that the best thing to do would be to type the abstract in here and upload the pictures too incase anyone wants to save them.



I like you so much, I like the way you look.
I like the way your muscles flex and the way your biceps bulge.
I love your muscular thighs and the toned muscles on your calves.
I love the shape I see outlined in your camo shorts anytime you walk by.
I love your beards and your fine dentition.
Your body excites my body, you set fire to my loins.
You bring out the little whore respectable mothers talk about in me.
I love it when your muscles bulge as you pin me down in surrender.
The way you suck in your lower lip with your teeth as you grunt.
The way you kiss my neck and bite my ear.
My body is the clay and your hands are the sculptors.
I’m your greatest masterpiece for you have mastered every core of my figure.
I love it when you pin me against the wall with my almost limp legs barely hanging onto your waist.
You truly are the devil.
What hasn’t your tongue tasted?
You’ve studied every inch of my body with your eyes, lips, hands and your oh so amazing tongue.
What nubs haven’t your lips wrapped around?
We have droned the sounds of the chirping birds with our groans, grunts, moans and smacking skins so many times, I’ve lost count.
You have drunk so many times from my fountains, you’re familiar with the taste of my nectar.
What surface haven’t been covered?
What kink hasn’t been satisfied?
I am the only one that can set fire to the primal animal in you, I am your Aphrodite.
But why?
Why can’t our minds make love the way our bodies do?
It would have been so much more…erotic.

– Vargaa.



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4 Replies to “An Abstract: EROTICA.”

  1. Wow this write up is great brings back some memories though
    But like it says why can’t ouremember minds make love the way our bodies do


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