Okay. I’ll try not to be very nervous. Lol.

This is my first ever post on here and I’m super excited. I’m gonna be starting this blog with a little intro intro, y’know.

Pardon my slang, but yo, slangs have to be used. That’s one of the things you should get ready for, but if you’re unclear about a slang, you could just drop a comment in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you.

I also will be swearing a lot, and I’m sorry about that if you hate swear words. But, I just feel that swear words have this way of driving a point home and they make conversations more animated. And as I might be ranting at one point, it is needed.

I want this blog to be a chilled place where everyone can come get lifted, a virtual place that everyone can relate to. It’s gonna be goofy, serious and what have you.

Oh, I’m also gonna be posting my abstracts and poetry on here so, if you’re artsy, come and view the magic.

I hope y’alls have a good time making this bad decision. *winks* (My punchline game is mad though).



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